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Dijous, mercat a Granollers poesia a l'escola

Fotografia Marta Sabala

Voy a ser un turista
que irá a ver un pianista
con un amigo extranjero
que es un gran compañero.

Iré a ver un museo
después de un largo paseo
con un divertido guía
que trasmite mucha alegría.

En lugares exquisitos voy a comer
y muchas cosas más voy a saber
tendré una gran satisfacción
y podré cumplir mi ilusión.

En barca voy a navegar
y entre peces voy a nadar
bucear debe ser precioso
claro, si no eres nada miedoso.

Una catedral preciosa voy a visitar
y en muchas playas me voy a bañar
va a ser un viaje muy bonito
si quieres... te invito!.

                                                                           Clara Madina

Travelling the road,
Last known is where I want to be
My compass directing, electing,
An open road with golden trees
But there's an old man in need on the ground,
try not to make a sound
He holds out his hand as I walk away,
I hear him say
Please don't be a stranger in my place
Travelling come to a tavern for a momentary rest
I see the old man
That I passed on the road in his distress
As I turned to go I can hear him say,
"Son, stay. Have a drink, I'll pay."
Let bygones be gone,
It's all in the past,
We raise a glass
Please don't be a stranger in my place
What if I could be what you wanted me to be
What if I could see what you wanted me to see
Come on and show me

Please don't be a stranger in my place

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